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Company Profile - www.tmrregistration.com

TRS (Trade Registration Services) is an Intellectual Property Rights consultant & helpdesk and helps in the registration and protection of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), etc. by dealing with the government authorities engaged in the registration of these rights and also take up the matters for legally protecting them in the courts of law.

TRS has been established with the vision of providing complete business solutions. It is a one stop service provider where you get all the services under one roof.

Our Professional Team :

The professional pool of Corporate consists of Managing Associate, two Senior Associates, three Ju Associates, eight Associate Off-Counsels anc others Associates and Associate firms at other loc, India as well as abroad. The names and details of the Associates cannot be disclosed on this letter owin restriction imposed by The Bar Council Of India. Such details can be provided only on specific written request.

A good organization is known by its members and their works. Keeping this in mind, the company has got a team comprising of renowned advocates who have an illustrious career track record. So with this kind of panel members one can be assured of valuable and impeccable services.


 Trademark Registration t
 Brand Registration
 Logo Registration
 Copyright
 Business Registration
 Firm Registration
 Company Formation
 Society Registration
 FPO Registration
 SSI Registration
 LIP Formation
 Design & Patent
 Co-operative Society Registration
 Domain Registration
 Food & Drug License
 Formation of Multi State Society
 Credit Rating
 ISO Certification
 I ISO 9001:2008/14000/HACCP/22000 CERTIFICATIONS
 Barcode Registration
 Agmark Certification
 Consultancy on ISI Certifications
 Registration of Association and Club as Companies
 Import Export Registration
 Trust & Society Formation

Advantage of Trademark Registration
 Use of the @ Symbol
 Protect your hard earned goodwill in the business
 Give your products a status of "BRANDED GOODS".
 To obtain relief in respect infringement (misuse by others) of the trademark.
 Power to assign (transfer) t trademark to others for consideration.
 Ability to recover money
 Protecting yourself from Infringement Claims
 Controlling the Use of your Brand by Others




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